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Important factors when Day Trading

Day Trading stocks works if you find the right stocks. As a long term trader you hold your position anywhere from several days to several weeks or months. Unfortunately some shares are not particularly good for day trading.

Most professional day traders, trade stock index or commodities and not shares.

Three important factors when Day Trading:



Low costs

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Exone rose after positive analysis


Exone rises after positive analysis! Exone, the 3D printing company, rose by more than 9 percent on the U.S. stock market on Monday. The explanation is a positive report from the brokerage firm FBR Securities. According to FBR's analysts, who met … [Continue reading]

The reason Detroit went bankrupt!

Debts in Detroit or "Motor City" has for years grown gigantic. When filing for bankruptcy on Thursday liabilities amounted to over 18 billion dollars and the application is the most comprehensive of its kind in U.S. history. Therefore went Detroit … [Continue reading]

What’s the purpose of technical analysis

Technical Analysis

Purpose of Technical Analysis? Technical analysis analyzes the supply and demand for different securities and how this changes over time. If supply and demand changes in a security, you will be able to see it in the diagram. Sometimes you can … [Continue reading]

Gold up after Fed’s extension of bond purchases!

Metal prices rose immediately after the Fed announcement. Gold prices rose about 4 percent to $ 1,362 per ounce, the strongest increase in a single day in 15 months, while silver was more than 6 percent up to about 23 dollars per ounce. The Fed … [Continue reading]

Best Trading Strategy – Trade Breakouts!

Trade Breakouts

Best Trading Strategy! To make money you must be in a stock when it start to rise and the best way to be on a stock when the price start to rising is to buy the stock on a breakout! What is a breakout? Well, a breakout is an upward movement, any … [Continue reading]

Top five Investment Strategies!

Invest with dividend

What is the best Investment Strategies? If you are new to investment it can be hard to know where to start and how to actually make money. But there are some simple investment strategies which has proven to work. Below are some common investment … [Continue reading]

Five reasons why you should invest!

Why you should invest

In today’s economy is it important to know how to invest your money. To understand how to manage your money and how to make it grow are two important principles everyone should know! Most people believe investing is complicated and difficult to … [Continue reading]

Insider Trading – What is it?

What is Insider Trading

With insiders means all of those who in a particular way has insight into how a company is doing and what numbers can be presented in the future. You can also call these people with the concept of insiders. Those insiders are eg CEO, subsidiary … [Continue reading]

Business Cash Flow Problem Control

Cash flow problem

Almost all companies will sooner or later run into cash flow problems. Ideally you want to prevent these problems, but this is not always possible. Part of running a business sometimes means living a bit on edge. Sometimes you can go a little longer … [Continue reading]

Technical Analysis – Moving Average

About Moving Average

Moving Average (MA) is probably the most famous and most common technical indicator and it’s used to define the trends, generate buy and sell signals and identify support and resistance. Explanation of moving averages There are mainly three types … [Continue reading]

Top traders to follow on StockTwits and Twitter


Twitter is a fantastic place to find traders who share their trading ideas, but the problem is there are a lot of traders and it can be hard know who you should follow. Here by follows my personal list of top traders. In order to put this list … [Continue reading]

Why you should invest your money!

Forex Trading

When you were young you saved your money in a piggy bank or some equivalent container. Your parants told you to save your money so you could by that new toy you wanted. It’s the same today, you save your money so you are able to buy a appartment in … [Continue reading]

Technical Analysis

Trade Breakouts

Technical Analysis – the study of past prices of stocks using graphs and charts to prediction the future price directions and amounts. Technical Analysis is often associated with short-term trading, although some long-term investors such as me use … [Continue reading]

Get an edge with Options

Buying Options

An option is a right to buy or sell e.g commodity at a predetermined date at a predetermined price, this product is called the option's underlying. When dealing with options the underlying commodity do not change its owner, instead you traded the … [Continue reading]